UT Golf Club on Ice

UT Golf Club in Steiner Ranch

$400K - 1MM

UT Golf Club on Ice

Step inside this 4,222 SF modern oasis nestled in the UT Golf Club community. The homeowners approached us knowing they desired a huge change and wanting guidance.

5 Cooling Down the Links UT Golf Club 27 horiz

We started by modernizing the interior, bidding farewell to dated columns and arches. Soft, soothing hues set the backdrop for what was to come. Our goal was to create a modern, organic atmosphere with a touch of glamour. The entryway welcomed a fresh start with a modern front door and new lighting. In the dining room, updated lighting and open sight lines revitalized the space.

5 Cooling Down the Links UT Golf Club 23
IID before after UT Golf Club Kitchen after 2 wide

In the kitchen, we retained the existing cabinet boxes but breathed new life into them with contemporary fronts, materials, paint, and lighting. The wow factor? Panda marble island waterfall countertops that ad an irresistible charm and natural grounding.

5 Cooling Down the Links UT Golf Club 25

The breakfast and living room were curated with carefully chosen furnishings, a captivating art wall, and a surprise moment with a grand modern chandelier.

5 Cooling Down the Links UT Golf Club 18 square

The master suite received a complete modern makeover, with the bathroom now a stunning focal point. Custom-forged stair railings led upstairs to reimagined baths designed for older teens.

This project is a testament to our dedication to combining modern luxury with functional elegance.