Steiner Ranch Glacial Elegance

Steiner Ranch, Austin, TX

$700K - 1.5MM

Steiner Ranch Glacial Elegance

Welcome to a story of long-term collaboration and a labor of love in a suburban estate neighborhood—a project that spanned several years, evolving from a simple master bath remodel into a comprehensive transformation.

IID contemporary master bath remodel 3

It all began with a modest master bath remodel and gradually expanded to encompass all the existing baths, the living area, and the kitchen. Along the way, we embarked on a stair makeover, culminating in a 1,500 SF addition that brought new dimensions to the home.

IID 2020 steiner ranch eastridge valley addition 6

Working closely with our discerning client, a connoisseur of modern, neutral luxury, we delved into the minutiae of design. We reconfigured closets and bonus rooms to craft a sophisticated study that included custom walnut storage and seating, overlooking their exquisite new outdoor pool oasis.

IID steiner ranch addition 10

Every detail, from floor plans to materials and custom-built furnishings, was meticulously curated. The result? A modern family haven that sets itself apart as a custom home adorned with luxury details.

IID steiner ranch addition remodel 9d

This project is a testament to our dedication to long-term relationships and our commitment to crafting homes that reflect our clients’ tastes and preferences. If you’re ready to embark on your own design journey, we’re here to turn your vision into a reality. Welcome to the world of modern luxury and tailored elegance.