Chillin into Transitional Luxury in the Hills

The Hills, Austin, TX

$150K - 300K

Chillin' in The Hills

Step into a story of transformation—a beautiful house with great bones in The Hills of Lakeway, patiently waiting for its overdue updates. Our clients, fresh from Colorado, brought not just their belongings but also a keen sense of style and an eagerness to embrace the design process, making this project a delight from start to finish.

IID 2 horiz kitchen

Our journey began with revitalizing the home’s structure, infusing new life with a fresh coat of paint throughout and a modernization of light fixtures. We selectively updated the flooring, preserving what could be relevant, and embarked on a partial kitchen and stairwell remodel.

Eventually, even the master bath underwent a complete makeover.

IID house in the hills bath after 7
IID house in the hills bath after 6
IID 2 square study

With the structural updates in motion, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive floor plan for furnishings and art. We thoughtfully integrated existing pieces that seamlessly blended with new additions, resulting in cohesive and polished spaces that effortlessly captured our client’s taste and the essence of their new home.

IID 2 square upstairs guest room

Throughout the residence, a black-and-white color scheme served as the backdrop, enriched by unexpected pops of vibrant hues, always ready to surprise and delight. This project is a testament to the beauty of collaboration, where a client’s vision harmoniously merges with our design expertise, culminating in a home that exudes timeless elegance and surprises at every corner.

If you’re ready to embark on your own design journey, we’re here to turn your dream home into a reality. Welcome to a world where elegance and delightful details meet.