The Hills Cool Elegance

The Hills, Austin, TX

$500K - 1MM

The Hills Cool Elegance

In the world of design, some clients truly capture our hearts. This project was referred to us by a neighbor we’d previously worked with and cherished. Upon our first meeting, it became clear that this was a perfect match.

However, life can take unexpected turns. During the design process, our client experienced a profound loss, and understandably, all progress came to a standstill. Months later, she reached out once more, ready for a fresh start. Her home transformation became a symbol of moving forward—a space to embrace life and express her vibrant, feminine spirit.

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As designers, we deeply value the privilege of being invited into our client’s lives and personal spaces, and this project was especially rewarding. The result is a home that radiates joy and tranquility, reflecting a special soul’s renewed vitality.

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Now, let’s delve into some of the design details that make this home truly remarkable. Upon entering, you’re immediately greeted by the drama of a new, modern front door, which serves as a window to the heart of the home. The stairway, with its striking black walls, creates a dramatic backdrop for an art wall that commands attention.

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The dining room is the embodiment of elegance, sitting beside the open living room defined by a curvy sectional. Upstairs, a zen room awaits, perfectly arranged for yoga and meditation, complete with a modern chaise lounge.  The primary bedroom is a modern retreat with hints of 1920s glam.

These are just a few of the cherished design elements that breathe life into this remarkable space. If you’re ready to embark on your own transformative journey, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Welcome to a world where design meets personal expression and where every detail tells a story of renewal and vitality.