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Why hire an interior designer?

Interior Design is more than just making spaces look good. We bring education, space planning, knowledge of building codes, resources, and collaboration with architects and builders. Our clients trust us for creativity, unique problem-solving, and extensive product knowledge that elevates homes. At Ice Interior Design, creativity is at our heart. Our designs are our art, adding detail and distinctive solutions to every project.


Ice interior design services

Full service design

Experience the epitome of luxury with our meticulous design service. From initial concepts to final installation, we curate every detail for discerning clients. Our comprehensive approach covers everything: space planning, materials, furniture, lighting, and more. Collaborating closely with you, we tailor designs to your preferences and lifestyle. Our expertise extends to working with architects, builders, and contractors to ensure a seamless transformation. The result, a hassle free process for you that results in a beautifully curated and finished space! Ready to make it a reality?

Design plans

Design Plans are essential for construction projects, whether it’s a remodel or working with an architect for a ground up build. We create detailed floor plans and elevations that highlight wall treatments, cabinetry layouts, and architectural elements. We also assist in choosing materials like flooring, wall coverings, countertops, and fixtures. You’ll receive a clear roadmap for your construction project, aiming to eliminate any uncertainties or questions that may arise.

Home Furnishings & Decor

Hold on! Before you start adding furniture to your cart, listen up. Trust us, haphazard shopping could disrupt your grand design. We’re not just designers – we’re your direct link to the best choices. We have access to a hidden trove of possibilities, ready to uncover the perfect match for your space. Whether it’s art, furniture, window treatments, stylish accessories, or lighting – we have the connections to make it happen. Pause that purchase and let us weave our magic. Your home will appreciate it!

90-Minute Consultation

Not quite ready for a full design extravaganza, but craving expert insights? Our up-to-90-minute consultation is the perfect solution. Picture one of our experienced designers visiting you, armed with design wisdom, industry know-how, and a wealth of resources – all in one information-packed session. Or if you’re up for it, join us at a local showroom for a hands-on experience with materials. Intrigued? Please contact us to book your consultation.

Commercial Interiors


We offer a full range of commercial products for your office or hospitality space. Let Ice handle all the build-out details so you are free to operate your business without any additional stress. We work hand-in-hand with Building Managers to make certain your interior becomes the best possible environment for everyone who enters. We also provide design concepts, space-planning, budgeting, furniture, art, etc. — from concept through installation.

IID Commercial Interiors example